Monday, September 21, 2015

Woozworld's BIG Update!

Hey guys, it's Ollie. Today I'm here with a couple lil things about the new update. *Scroll down to see what updates are happening*

As it just started like, 3 minutes ago? I decided I'll try to do something productive (yes, I count blogging as being productive c:) sooo..

Shall we go through some ideas of what to do for the next few hours? 

How about, watch The Hunger Games from the very beginning B) No?

How about applying for our blog? We always like the company of new members, if you fit the qualifications, who knows? You might be our next trial Warrior! Click here

Or... go to the "outerweb" *shivers* 

But really, I've got some information on this update below:

That's all for now, don't forget, if you're interested in being a Warrior, apply here! Over and out, Ollie93