Tuesday, May 13, 2014

alrighty, so i been bored 0-0 i havent posted in like.. 3 days? 4? 5? ok, so the time doesnt matter, i been busy in sports and school work,(wich im such all of you have an excuse simmilar to mine,) not getting online because of school.
SCHOOL IS HORRIBLE. not really. kids. go to school. you need school. if you want a job, and not a job where you clean toilets are mcdonalds, you better get good GRADES! ok so another reasson im not online much is cause my internet always goes down, or it works, but it wont let me open google or mozilla, psh dont even try internet expolrer its horrible, so yeah, since i cannot get on much, i just simple DESIGN  some clothing such as the ones posted below.! x3 
Well the outfit, wait its just the hair, its ok? so if you wanna try designing something like this i might be able to help you? just message me, ill show you how to download gimp, and the gimp i have is 2.8  :)
-  obeytheclothing