Sunday, January 17, 2016

Arctic Fest 3!

 Hey guys! Ressy is HERE to tell you all about.. you guessed it! (jk 'yall read the title) The Third Arctic Fest!

Announced officially first at Mya's birthday party, the fun contest is finally back, even though it was not held in 2015. There are many ways to earn points, but one of the main ways is using the all new symbz in shopz! There are three types: Bronze(3500 beex), which offer one point; Silver (750 wooz), which offer three points; and Gold (1500 wooz), which offer five points! When activated while standing on an ice tile, everyone in the unit on a tile (including you) gets the point.

The second way is to complete the daily quests that will appear on the left side of your screen!

Additionally, you can also earn points by finding snowflakes, which are collectibles scattered all around featured unitz. There are a bit rare, so be sure to be quick to grab one once you see it!

Finally, the last way to earn points is to attend special Arctic Fest related eventz, which will be labeled "ARCTIC FEST EVENT" in the eventz calendar !

Good luck to everyone participating <3 !

~(C:)> Resolute <(:3)~

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Shopz Items??

Hey guys it's Ollie, I logged on yesterday to see some new additions to Shopz! This included the girls vampire hair with some modifications as shown below in the pictures.

How cute are those hairs & torso items?

Personally I went absolutely mad over the bear hairs, but what do you guys think? The patterns are SOOO cute. 
Not gonna lie, I saw the girls vampire hair (with modifications) and immediately thought of the singer, Hayley Williams of Paramore - I love them a lot. I'm currently waiting to see someone wear a bright orange hair, and to cosplay as her. That would be awesome. 
Props to the design team, these were brill. 

Over & out, Ollie93.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Shopz Updates, New Outfits, and More ^~^

Ressy here! Hallo hallo hallo and Happy New Year! What better way to start off the year than with a blog post updating yall about all the fun stuff going on in Woozworld?


Incase you're wondering why I haven't been posting, I'm always distracted by all the new, fantabulous outfits and furniture added to shopz in the Winter section. Though it has been here for a while, it has 21 pages of outfits, furniture, symbz, unitz, and anything you can think of! I still find myself secretly buying one or two things even though I promised myself that I would save wooz :o 

As well as that, even though I don't know if this section will be there for long now that it's the New Year, there's a "Faves from 2014" Section! Though not as big as the Winter section, it still has 7 pages of amazing outfits, that are definitely worth checking out!


With 2016 beginning, many Woozworld directors are taking the chance to announce new series. Wooztubers (is that a thing? woozworld youtubers? idk) such as GislleE417, Rubinella, GummyBearAddictKaley, Ray Productions and Social Wooz have posted trailers for One Notification, After ever After, The Game,  Reborn, and Black Kiss.  I'm personally very excited for the new year, and these series are half responsible for that excitement. Hopefully, more woozens will join Youtube and contribute <3

New Outfits

Well Well Well! What do we have here! Oh right; amazing, beautiful, gorgeous outfits!

I'll leave it to the Warriorz Fashion Experts to talk more about these, but I can't wait to buy the girls Venus outfit; it has got to be one of the favorites!

Well, that's all for now. I have to go do very very important work (aka finish eating all the food from yesterday <3 <3 <3 I actually cooked! Maybe now Jenny-senpai will notice me...) 

Bye Bye Uniwarriorcornz! (get it, you're like unicorns, but warriorz)


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Polarized Modeling Week 3

Itching, one of the most popular boys on woozworld has joined the agency. As well as -Kitten-- a well known woozworld fashion designer. Please give them a warm welcome and congrats!


Monday, December 14, 2015

Interview with a new woozen

Everyone remembers when they first joined woozworld. Everyone's experience was different depending on the year they joined. So why not take a look at someone's very first experience in late 2015? Meet Moniquepoq who joined roughly around 22 days ago!

I interviewed her today asking how her experience so far was. Make sure to give her a warm welcome through messages!

How did you find woozworld?
my best friend played it and he told me about it but u came from a game called movie star planet.
How are you enjoying it so far?
its fun except some people wont be my friend and they are mean
awe i'm sorry to hear that
What's your favorite thing about woozworld so far?
that i get a unit that comes with everything i need
yes, that's always fun, decorating your unitz
What's one thing you'd want to see happen in woozworld?
everyone get along

Remember woozens, new players should be welcomed to the game and not mistreated. They aren't "poor" or have a lack of intelligence. We were all new at a time on woozworld. We all understand what we went through and how far we have come. The next time you see a new woozen getting harassed or bullied stand up for them. That goes for any type of bullying. Always welcome new woozens to woozworld!


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Winter Pallets

Its not all Red, White, and Green!

Just some colors that are appealing to the eye ;)
Keep up the winter fashion Woozens!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Polarized Modeling Agency Week 2

Last week we saw Stormieskye and xElliot be the first 2 models to join the agency. This week we can congratulate Twenty and Crystlefire! Please welcome them to the agency.


Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Is Coming...

Hello Warriorz! Today I have a fabulous set of outfit ideas for all of you for the impending winter season!
Personally, I am not a fan of the cold weather-- especially where I live! The blasting cold air always reminds me to bundle up, but this collection has definitely made me feel comfy, cozy and right at home!

Sweet Skater

First up we have an outfit featuring this weeks newest designs! I chose to wear the Willow hair because it's literally my favorite hairstyle ever and it goes with anything! Aside from it's total versatility it also adds a sweetness to the outfit with the beautiful curls. I paired the Ginger Sweater Dress with sheer leggings to keep it semi-practical for the cold temperatures. I love how the outfit comes together to create such a sweet and warm look without being too overpowering!

Rudolph Red

Once again this outfit features the brand new fabulous hair from the Ginger outfit! But personally I adore how the sweater looks with the skirt to create an almost dress. It's super cute and Christmas-y, though I tried not to design anything for one holiday in specific!  However it's definitely not something I'd wear when it's below 45 Fahrenheit!  

Santa's Helper

Honestly this outfit just makes me so happy! I'm obsessed with over the knee socks and honestly the fact that I could incorporate them into this weeks outfits was so enlightening! They definitely add a nearly perfect candy cane look to the ensemble, but the black sweater and shorts *slightly* ruined that... However, the cute bows from the Willow sweater (which should be transferable soon!) and the heels make the outfit super chic and innocent. Paired with a messy bun, this outfit is sure to wow!

Until next time

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Polarized Modeling Agency by CosmicThunder

In spirit of WNTM being officially over this year. I decided to create a new modeling agency where 2 woozens will be featured each week. How will I find these models? I will take a picture of stylish woozens I see around woozworld and I will feature 2 of them here each week. The 2 chosen models will get a key to the agency and will be able to chat, create, and discuss new styles with one another. Its a great new way to make some friends! This week the 2 featured woozens are Stormieskye and xElliot!


"Woozworld's Woozmas" Is Culturally Exclusive?

As you may have seen, December has brought all sorts of holiday buzz within Woozworld. Looking back on the past year, the woozworld community has taken some amazing steps in advancing the acceptance of all different kinds of woozens regardless of gender, sexuality, and even some strange interests and guilty pleasures. BUT; does this "Woozmas" bring a halt to the cultural acceptance of the game? Hear me out fellow woozens. Some items currently sold under the woozmas store are labled as "X-mas", purposefully taking the "Christ" out of Christmas. This shows that the holiday celebrated in the game is not based upon religion even though the core of the holiday is. So what is it that is stopping Woozworld from adventuring into the winter holidays of other cultures? Consider Chinese New Year, Kwanza, Hannakah, Bodhi Day, RabÄ«‘ al-Awwal, and many more. All these cultures tend to be neglected, and seeing as most english speaking countries tend to be melting pots of a sort don't you think its time to celebrate everyone? Don't get me wrong, I love Woozmas and understand that it's ethical background will be understood by most of the community but isn't woozworld a place of fun for people of all cultures? Off topic, but have you notcied that a hijab, worn by a large population of the world isn't even an option in the game to wear? This December I can only hope for more diversity within the shop items and holiday spirit and that within the new year more steps will be taken to make the game more culturally diverse. Thank you for listening! Chao!

Friday, November 27, 2015

WNTM | The Event!

Hey Hey Hey! Ressy here, reporting about WNTM, the greatest fashion event of the year!

This year Woozworld sold the tickets in shopz for 1000 wooz, and many woozens weren't able to buy the ticket to attend the event, so I'm here to tell you all about it. Other than the queue struggles, and Max's and Jenny's inability to make it to the event, everything went smoothly. Mya came late as usual, hosting the event with JayWooz.

I'm sure many of you are impatient to know who won WNTM, but there is something also equally as exciting that happened at the event! Please welcome, Woozworld's very own artist, Alias Pickle! I'm sure many of you have seen her instagram WoozworldArtists where she has many cute drawings as well as inside looks into future outfits. Check out the video below to see how it went:

Well, that was surely exciting- and if you watched the video, you already saw a sneak peak of one of the items and wait- what did Jay say? A sneak peak of the male on is on ig? Yaaaas.

Moving on, Jay announced that he saw very beautiful boutiques all around WoozWorld and is sad to see that not many got recognized for what they deserved, and so, he decided to host a unit design contest for Boutique! Be sure to enter c;

Now, finally, what all of you have been waiting for, the top five models! These were not just based on the number of Fanz, and were chosen looking at every piece of criteria, which would explain why some people with high amount of fanz did not make it to the top five. It was a hard struggle, and many people who put in their best were not able to make it, but I hope that you know that your hard work is what makes you winner, not a title. Having friends who surround you and being able to admit that you worked your hardest is the best victory one could ever wish for. Now, onto the top five!

The first to be announced was colours; Though she did not quite make it to have as many fanz as the rest of the five, she's been known for reaching not only to 500k first but also to 1 million, making her most likely in the top 5 collectors for quite a while, making her ultimately in the top 5 for wntm! Let's give her a large round of applause!

Next up, we have gorgeouschiqq, who collected the most fanz out of all the woozens! Though all the prices in her boutique are still set to maximum, it is finally public (yay)! Hopefully her creative mentoring unitz and her endless persistence will be able to impress you as much as me!

Don't forget gorg's teammate, Wziefs, having the 4th most fanz! Representing the male side of WoozWorld, Wz always stayed on his feet and worked his hardest to earn dem fanz. Congratulations; you guys should definitely check out his outstanding mentoring unit.

And we have Stacy164, having the 2nd most fanz c; Staying persistent when abandoned by her team mates, Stacy continued to strive for higher than their expectations. Though it seems that she did not yet refill the podz in her Boutique, it is still beautiful and almost as golden as you guys ;) you guys should check it out!

And finally we have... Bob the Plant! Yes, an amazing plant for sure... haha... jk next up we have Resolute (omg wow its me) who earned the 7th most fans and who has managed to keep her mentoring unit popular almost throughout the whole wntm (tbh I did nothing, you guys were the ones who stayed there and continued to support me <3 Ily all so much omg, thank you). Guess those eye bags were not for nothing.

Now , what you've all been waiting for.... Woozworld's Next Top Model Is.......................

Gorgeouschiqq! No surprise, her determination never ended shown in the high amount of fanz that she and her team were able to collect; her boutique was very beautiful designed and the mentoring unitz creativity was off-the-plant (because plants are awesome). I'm glad that this is our wntm, someone who clearly values quality over quantity, spending two days working in her boutique unit, even when she knew she risked it going unnoticed because of its late publishing! Though her mentoring unit never had the ability to gain popularity, it was definitely one of the best I've seen in a while! It is great to see that such beautiful creativity continues to live on.

Well, that's all guys! I hope you're having a happy Black Friday, and just 3 more days 'till we say Goodbye to November; await new updates and fun events in December; I mean, after, soon we will enter the Christmas season <3.


Im Back! And Shopz Had too many Updates

GUESS WHO ISN'T DEAD! (If you answers Snows. congratulations. you get a cookie!)

Hey Guys! Its Snows and Im actually alive (I blame school for all my problems)
(I mean seriously.. to much homework. Let me plllaaayyy!)
Where was I... oh right Shopz update! Shopz didn't give me a break at all. I mean they added sooo many tabs. I feel like they are doing the old Woozworld furnitue sets things again, because They have Living Room, Bathroom, Boutique, Calling Kitchen next. 
LOOK AT ALL THE TABS THEY ADDED! Woozworld, why u do dis to me!
I shall go in order of the tabs as they appear, sooo, lets do dis!
Starting with Beauteak, (puns. woozworld got them)
I mean... what did you expect?? I do love the design of all the items, if only the displays works as a shopz podz as well, that would be really cool IMO.

Next is the Woozworld Next Top Model Tab, this is a pretty small tab Im su-
IT HAS 5 SUB TABS?! Okay... calm down Snows.. I'm sure they only have one pa-
30 pages... Woozworld why did you do this to me ;-;
In all seriousness, Woozworld brought some old items back for each catagory and I'm really happy to see some back! They brought back comfymas, the Arctic Fest Outfits from 2014 and 2013, some of the outfits that came out during the summer are in Beach Fashion, and the pajama sets from the pajama design contest came back !

Okay... next on the list is Ouach... Still don't get this pun...
Its a bathroom set... Not really sure what I was expecting... I mean its Tab Icon IS a toilet... still looks FABULOUS!!

Next up is my favor of the new sets. Kohzie DANG IT I JUST GOT THE PUN!
In all seriousness, I love this set to death, the couches look beautiful, the bookselfs, lamps, just everything in this set is so well designed and I LOVE IT <3

Finally is the Dyztopian

I am so happy they brought back some old fashion, some new furniture is sprinkled in, some old units, its just overall, a nice combination of items, making a fabulous tab! 

Alright. I think that's everything... Woozworld, I love you, but please dont do a giant shopz update when Im gone <3 
Talk later Lovelies (When I'm not downing in school work)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving / Shopz Update

Hey guys!
So as well all know it's pretty much the best holiday of the year here in the USA (Hello, it's a holiday dedicated to eating your heart out) which means stores everywhere are about to slash prices for the Holidays!! So for all of our American Warriorz-- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! What are you guys thankful for this year?

Back to those slashed prices-- Woozworld just announced their latest Black Friday Sale lasting the 27th - 29th.

This means 2x the wooz, 2x the outfits and even more time as a VIP member! Maybe this could be the future store prices, considering the mysterious survey that they held several weeks ago post management change... But enough speculation about the future of Woozworld's Store, lets move on to the new outfits!

This week we have 4 COMPLETELY new outfits made for the grand finale of WNTM.
Mya can be seen sporting the chic-but-serious Giselle ensemble. The skirt, inspired by the 2015 WNS Ariana Grande outfit,  literally is flawless. It works so well with the blazer and glitter tipped heels. Did I mention how much I love these shoes?? shoes > life
Jenny is wearing a more casual, November-esque look (CaraDeluxe) that sends me subtle reminders of Spring... Layers on layers of fabulous, along with more glittered tipped shoes. I'm sensing a trend here! Clearly, Woozworld's shoe game is on point this week!
Max is rocking out in the punk BGBNG. Another undercut hair with long sweeping bangs to really add a mystery factor to it's model. The muted sweater however, looks warm and welcoming --and really really comfy! But the BEST part of all? The fabulous pants! They're edgy but they're so different and it's just yes. I would totally buy this outfit just for the pants honestly!
Meanwhile, Jay is a classic good guy in Rockisimo. The hair gives off this early 20th century vibe that I'm dying over (partially because the early 1900s are amazing)! On top of that he's sporting a fabulous long sleeve, 1/2 stripped shirt. Sadly, he has no glitter on his shoes unlike his fellow friends... But this look is definitely amazingly adorable with or without glitter!

What outfit do you like the best this week? What are you thankful for this year? And are YOU excited for the impending Holiday Season??

Lots of Love

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Winter Is Coming

It's never to early to get into the Holiday Spirit! Already I've seen lots of edits and outfits related to Winter and I'm sooo excited. Even Woozworld, with it's Winter section in the Shopz shows that they can't wait for the festivities to begin! Stay tuned as I will be on the lookout for new edits, art, and outfits all about the season! For now, here is an edit I created. Hopefully it will inspire you all to be creative and embrace the Winter!

WNTM | WHO is at the top?

Hey guys its Ressy here with a fab post about WNTM! Remember to check out Ally's post about what WNTM is about and how YOU can win c; Today, we'll be looking over some woozens that I've noticed have stood out based on the amount of Fanz points they have. Remember though, winning is not necessarily just about the points, Mya did mention she will be checking on the popularity of boutiques and activity of your mentoring units. Now let's get on with the post!

Let's start with gorgeouschiqq, who currently is the only woozen that I know of with already 5 million fanz! You may also know her by the name Alexis or possibly by the name of her other woozen, sheenakisaragi. The great role model who motivates people to look at the beauty inside continues to rise to the top; her beautiful boutique (which is most likely under construction since the prices are still set at max) has made an impression on me for sure. Hopefully it begins to gain more popularity soon, this unit could sure use some love.

Don't forget about Alexis' boyfriend Jakejetbootz, who though has not earned as many fanz as his beautiful girlfriend, still is coming quite close to 5 million! Working together with their friends, the couple has managed to gain fanz points at the speed of light (hopefully this contest won't break them apart and instead bring them closer); remember to check out Jake's WNTM Boutique, and maybe if you're quick enough, you'll get to see him inside as well (Many woozens with the Woozarazzi symbz come in to help him out by activating it and leaving! Are you going to be one of them, or is there someone else you would like to support? We're always interested in hearing your opinions, so be sure to tell us in the chat to the left, who YOU are supporting for WNTM, even if they aren't mentioned)

Next, we have a tie between PrincessAnaSofia and Wziefs- but though Wziefs is currently off, Ana does not loose determination and continues to go up in her number of fanz! (Sometimes we're concerned whether all these people even sleep ;-; health first!) Both are very close to Jake, and looking at photos that were recently taken, Wzief spends a lot of time around our WNTM top couple (nothing beats teamwork, especially in a contest like this)! Though Wzief's boutique unit is currently empty, you can check out his beautiful mentoring unit anytime!

Next we have -Marshmallows-, very close to Wzief, and I'm not just talking about the fanz! The group of four friends seems unbreakable even as they rise to the top towards WNTM! Marshmallow has a beautiful boutique as well, called Marshy's Medium 'n' Rich Rare (talk about creative titles, wow). Her purple makes the boutique absolutely amazing, and herself as well (those eyes <3).

Coming very close to Marshmallow, we have Stacy164! Seems like they have been going back and forth between who gets 5th place ;o I guess we'll have to wait for tomorrow and see who makes it to the top 5 c; Stacy has a beautiful, golden boutique and also a mentoring unit that you can visit any day. Though having been inactive for quite a while, WNTM has got her back into WW, and hopefully her persistence continues to grow throughout the contest!

Well, that's all guys! I hope you enjoyed my post, and if you think I forgot anyone who's higher than these woozens, than please message Resolute on WoozWorld or say so in the WzW Warriorz chat! Ily and remember to WERK IT!

<(:3)~~ Ressy ~~(C:)>