Monday, May 5, 2014

More Family Keeps Coming :O

Hi Warriorz!

I'm one of many new bloggers on trial, my name is Emilywoooooz (Em for short) and today I figured I will tell you a little bit about myself :D

Favorite Foods- Cookie Dough, and Chocolate EVERYTHING

Favorite Sport- Basketball, and Cheerleading

Addictions- 1. Woozworld 2. Wizard101 3. Pirate101

My Idol(s)- Demi Lovato, and my Family :)

Favorite Color- Light Blue

Eye Color- Hazel

Hair Color- Natural Red Head

Woozworld Username- Emilywoooooz Passion In Life- Art/ Visual Art and Performance <3

I really really hope some of this information informed you lots about me! I look forward to writing for ya'll so dearly! Love ya'll, till (maybe) next time! BYE! <3