Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New HollyXooz Outfits!

Hey guys!
   Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been super busy with my last few weeks of school, we have SO many projects XD 
       Anyway... I've decided to post about the new HollyXooz outfits!


Now, I personally and not a big fan of the whole outfit together, but I do like the dress paired with a High Pony Tail and some heels. As for the hair I honestly don't really like it. It's too short for my taste.
But there is also a new collectible that goes along with the new app which Agent will be doing a post on shortly! The CollectibleZ are a tablet with a holographic woozworld icon  above it.
If you are on the app you can collect these no problem, you can wear anything. But if you are on the Computer/Laptop you need a special hair to collect them. These hairs are called "HollyXooz Visor". They are in ShopZ for 60 wooz each.   

See you next week WarriorZ <3 
xoxo -Mar