Saturday, May 3, 2014



              Hello friends, this is obey (obeytheclothing) and im just gonna be posting 
         My oppinions about the new outfits, or new furniture, in the woozworld
                             store or shop. (such as saying if it is bad, or if its good, and
               explaining why i think this)
                         I am sure you will all have a great a great                                                                         time reading all of the intresting things we will be Posting for you guys.

                  I will also be posting some drawings for you guys, but mostly
             some of my designs. ( i use gimp 2.8 if any of you wanted to know)
         Here is an example of a design:

        Now now my friends, I will try to post something everyday,
but you already know, outfits come to shop/store once a week. :)
well goodbye for now '.'
-your friend,