Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Big news! Jenny's done with Max?!?! Woozari reports!
Wooz Weekly has the biggest scoop of the century! We got our hands on a picture of Jenny in TEARS after her birthday party! WHY? Max!
An insider close to Jenny has spilled the troubles in paradise and the breakup!
“The Big Woozen house was where it all started… Max was completely ignoring Jenny for his buds. The tension was intense.” the close friend reveals. “Her birthday was the last straw. Jenny thought Max was planning some sort of surprise for her but really, he never showed! She bawled her eyes out.”
BUT where was Jenny’s little bestie, Mya?! Jenny seems to have a new BFF by her side, Zeena! Jenny was also seen without the wedding ring!
The source continued, “There’s no animosity between Max & Jenny… they will try and remind friends”.
BUT the big question… WHERE WAS MAX?
Someone from his inner circle spilled the beans.
“Max checked out of the relationship a while ago… he didn’t know how to tell her. He’s been putting his energy into growing a cactus farm.”
Well fans, it seems like it’s the end of an era! Jax (Jenny & Max) is no more!
We reached out to Jenny & Max to confirm but all we got was “No comment.”
Always around to keep you updated as news comes in!
The couple may be done! Can you believe it? Well you got it here first!