Friday, May 16, 2014

Winner of Jay's Freestyle/new unit design contest/trial blazer

Hey everyone! Its lily! So first off let's get to freestyle winner. XD.......Grayyyyguy XD You did very very good if your reading this post!!!
Oki, so the new unit design contest is for rose and cactus gardens <3 Jaywooz said  on hot topicz "Show us your best Rose or Cactus gardens unitz and run the chance to win this week's Unitz Design Contest. To submit your unitz click on the red podz in plaza! You have until next Wednesday to submit your unitz. So if your entering, good luck!! :D (Don't make it about winning, make it about fun!) :D
Ok now for the trial blazer.. Woozband is picking some woozens so when they download the app they get exclusive gifts. They haven't told much about it but they sent me a message saying "Hi lilyflowerM,

Congratz for getting on the exclusive Woozworld App LIST. You have received the coveted Woozworld App Trail Blazer title and badge and you get to be first to know the date the Woozworld App will be launched. Drum-roll please....and the launch date is MAY 22!!! Be ready to download the Woozworld App on your Apple iOS 7 devices on May 22 to receive your exclusive gifts.

The Woozband" 

Did anyone else get this? I wonder what the gift is???!?!? Don't you?   

This is what they sent me.

Until next time

xox- Lily