Sunday, June 29, 2014

4th Of July Fashion

I know a lot of you don't celebrate the 4th of July but I do so u know I HAD to make an outfit collection!
So I decided I will actually name the designs and give a brief description from now on so here we go :P
 American Sweetheart:
This design is really just a simple cardigan pants and white heels. I actually really love this look because anyone can wear it and its so simple but eye-catching! It really does give the appearance of a sweetheart which I just love <3
 American Rebel:
This is provavly my favorite of all three designs just because its so tough. The skirt matching the bustier top is so adorable but the jacket and combat boots give it such a tough appeal. It's the perfect mix of girly-tough!
Pool Party In The USA:
So this design reminds me of a beach or pool party look and I physically can't handle it! The spar jeans just made me think of the 4th so fast ! I used a simple black top so it wouldnt take awau from the pants and then summer-y heels to tie it all together!