Monday, June 30, 2014

Jelly Prom??

Hey guys its vinny here :D and I know i haven't posted in awhile, I've been busy busy. But I desided to talk about PROM!

This year's theme is JELLY!... yeah....
I'll be honest with you guys I'm not a big fan of the theme idea, i think they just wantedthe whole gourment thing. But woozworld is breaking away from their normal prom deal of a colectathon (surprising I know)
Insted they are doing the same thing they do with woozguide (and we all know how well that goes).

People write paragraphs about themselves and the woozband nominates a handful for queen and king, then let the popularity contest commence.

Well I'm not a big fan of this prom (probably why I don't compeate) But what are your thoughts?

Im not even going to touch outfits because... I dont know fashion o.o

Talk to you next time  and may the best woozen win xD