Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stars, Mya, Jay, and.... A YETI?

Hey guys! So it's Ressy here XP Now most of you here know what Star of the Week is, which bassically is where you compete with fellow woozens in a fashion show type of contest, and the winner becomes Star of the Week and all that fun stuff....

6/4/14, or today, Mya hosted a fabulous fashion show like she always does for Sotw! Today we even got a special surprise c; You guessed it! JayWooz! I guess those love birds just can't handle being apart for too long, if you know what I'm saying c; All you warriors who were there, I hope you had a great time! The winner of this weeks SOTW was.... Chloewolfene who rocked the Heartva look tonight!!! Remember to wave and say hi to Chloewolfene if you see her this week! Now JayWooz wasn't our only surprise today..... wait, what? A YETI? Yes a teal yeti dominated the fashion show unit! But- oh no JayWooz is planning to make a CARPET out of it? Aw bad luck for that yeti! 

Well, that's all from me for today Warriorz! Peace out!

-Resolute Cx