Monday, July 28, 2014

Broken Woozworld

So... If you haven't noticed I haven't had alot of post or activity on woozworld and that is because my woozworld is broken. Now let me explain my situation.

When I log onto woozworld all I get is a black box in where Woozin would normally be. Well I cant click on a single thing above I cant enter world, gamez, news, NOTHING! So I logged out attempting to log back in. I wont even let me log in. If i clcik the already have an account nothing will happen. My Woozworld is truely broken and I cant do anything to fix it! HELP!

If you've had this problem before and have fixed it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment below this or Message me on Facebook
(Vindaya Wooz)

So thats why im inactive. Talk to you all later :P