Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hey Warriors!

Hey Warriors! My Woozen name is Avrilalavina1, and I'm a new blogger there.
So .. i decided to tell a little bit about me :D

So .. i Joined woozworld on an account: 'Avrilite' about 4 years ago when i clicked on an advertisement, back than woozworld was way different and to be honest i didn't really like it.
Well .. the clothing items were .. as we say now: Poor.
And .. i wasn't very interested in woozworld so i was playing other games, like Stardoll, etc.
Than 3 years ago i returned to woozworld, created a new account 'Avrilalavina1' and it seemed a lot better because of Deadmau5 visiting (Actually they were already done visiting, so i didn't get the FREE Deadmau5 survivorz hair, which i really regret XD) so i told my cousin about it and we both started playing woozworld .. until now c;

So yeah, thats my story about woozworld, but how about some more facts? - 11 Random facts about me :)

  1. I own a blog myself:
  2. I've been a blogger on alot of blogs.
  3. I have an YouTube channel: SuperAvrilina with alot of Cool videos c;
  4. One of My first videos was about Oreo's Cookies back in old WzW-
  5. Sometimes i make Woozworld Fashion Designs (Not like a PRO) but some of them are on Woozword Facebook page c;
  6. I do Woozen Edits, Animations.
  7. My Color Code on Woozworld is light blue and white, so most of my clothes are Light blue and white, blond hair (;
  8. You must have recognized me already, because I'm a very active Woozen C;
  9. Last year there was Data Loss, which made me loose all my Woozband friends (I had all except Jay)
  10. I Try Accepting every single Friend Request, and read every message (Sometimes it's very very hard and takes hour to do 0-0)

My old sign of sign, Avrilalavina1 says Bye c;