Saturday, July 19, 2014

UGC Ending!?

So if you haven't heard or read on the blog (here) Ultimate Game Card is ending July 31st! The game cards were a quick way to earn "points" to buy things in the woozworld store. I actually used these all the time for the new outfits!
Sadly, UGC announced it's ending in a week and a half! This means we can't buy the cards, and the option to pya using UGC will no longer exsist in all it's gaming partners! However Woozworld has just brought in a new way to pay.... Oink!
The virtual piggy banks may be the next big thing to buy store-only items or clothing.However you can also go onto the app (The new app- secretz is no longer in use by the WW team) and buy outfits using... iTunes gitft cards!
Hopefully they update the application so it crashes less and then we can buy off the app, but until then I guess I should sign-up for an Oink account!
See you next time