Friday, August 1, 2014

Digital Fun-Lights and Ideas ;)

HEY WARRIORS! Wazzup :3 Ressy here. Its Friday and y'all know what that means... DIGITAL FUN WITH RESSY! -yay- Oki so I found this super cool tutorial that I wanted to show you guys for After Effects ;o And I thought that it would be fun to show you guys! I hope you guys enjoy it! Send me your results, Ressy wants to seeeeee ;o ;o (maybe someone will create a 3D unicorn infront of a heavenly light c': Oki maybe not.... ITS NOT A BAD IDEA crying).

The second topic I wanna talk about today is... Woozworld Posting FanArt to woozin ;o ;o So I know that many of you warriors do digital art but don't know how to get your art featured on WoozIn so..... I SHALL HELP YOU! Because Im nice. But you owe me cookies. So all you gotta do is send your work to their woozworld email which isssssss "" (Thank you Ressy, you're welcome Ressy c; c;). I hope to see a ton of your work on facebook and through WoozIn c': Adios Amigos