Sunday, September 21, 2014

PLL meets Woozworld!

Who you gonna call when GoodOldWooz goes missing? Pretty Little Liars of course :D, wait what O.o pretty little mystery... whatever. 

So yeah PLM (PLL) has come to Woozworld and we need to find out  who's behind GoodOldWooz's kidnapping. Apparently GoodOld has taken up being a teacher and has been testing a time machine. He must have saw something in the future and when he came back, BOOM hes gone :O its up to you to question the teacher of Woozworld high to find out who's behind it? Everyday an interview with Lillywooz comes out interviewing different suspects. Who's done it?

(yeah this is pretty much pretty little liars I mean the name of the outfits scream it at you and Im surprise our PLL Megafan (TJ) hasn't reported on this first give her a day ad the outfits will be out c:)

Thats all for now c: