Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Update to the Furniture in Shopz!

*Sings to self* Guess who called it, Guess who called it! I DID!
Heys Guys its Snows and i TOTALLY CALLED IT! Woozworld is beginning to Release the Z Series of Furniture, starting with.... Z-Puckette! Good call wooz, good call!
 You can find the new items under THIS tab in the Shopz  and here is the furniture (Plus a Unit for VIPS) you can find!

I personally Love the Desk, Bed, Unit, and the Rug, They are like, my life <3
Until next time!

Post Script, Shouldn't have made this post BEFORE I checked all tabs! If you check under the New Tab in Woozworld you will see some tiles and runs aswell!

Okay for real now