Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Trial Blogger: Mars

Hey warriors!
My name is Mars ( mary-jess) and I'm a new blogger here at this fabulous blog! ;) So, I'll start talking more about myself today.

I joined this blog to start my love for blogging and continue a postive envoirment! I started  woozworld around 3 years ago, with an account called larvasen.
 I left the account,starting fresh and made many friends along the way! Now, I started the wzw acc : mary-jess and continue playing.

Now, I'll  tell you more about my personal likes and dislikes! Outside woozworld, I love to sketch, go out with my friends and write pieces like stories and peoms! 
I also love food ( who would'nt) and I always loved singing, dancing and acting on my own time!  
I'm also an anime freak! hehe..But I dislike veggies and people with nasty attitude.  

Well,I hope you my introduction, and I'm looking to making more posts!                                       
 Well, see ya                                                                                                                         - Mars