Friday, August 14, 2015

Shopz Till Ya Drop

Happy Friday Everybody,its snows and SHOPZ HAS NEW FURNITURE AND THEY BROUGHT BEDS BACK AND sorry... got a little... ahead of myself...
First I should Mention that this weeks Funky Friday was gummy bear theme, and I approve of the Gummy bears!

But thats. not. all! A new tab was added to Shopz called Woozkea (I see what you did there)
And inside is the return of... the Woozkea furiture from... um... 2 years ago? I loved this furniture series when it originally came out so I am Pretty pumped that they brought it back. I do not know how long it will be in shopz, so get them while you still can! (go go go)

So I am pretty Dang Hyped about them selling beds again, and who knows, maybe the
Z series of furniture might return in the future ;) But thats hopeful thinking. now if you excuse me I'm gonna go buy ome Wooz to get some beds for my units cx