Saturday, August 22, 2015

Star of the Week 'Beatdown'

Hey guys, it's Ollie here, today I'm going to be starting a series of posts called 'SOTW Beatdown.' This is where I take the top 6 people who placed at SOTW and criticize their outfits, say what I like, and what I don't like, and give them my own score.

We will start from first place working our way to third. Firstly, it's:

First of all, congratulations, I like the theme of the outfit, as it's very bold and easily noticable, but, the white doesn't compliment the orange/red. If you tried doing this outfit again, I'd suggest either wearing a less poofier skirt, or jeans, but that's my opinion, obviously the judges and Mya loved your style ;) SCORE: 7

Secondly, second place (oh):

ParisRockSuzy and Gnarly

To be honest, I'd love this outfit if she had used a different skirt and 2 colours. Silver and white would make this outfit so cute! I can see why you almost won, Paris! SCORE: 9

And, Gnarly. This is probably my favourite out of all of this put together, her choices of clothing when putting this outfit together were all planned out. The kitty ears match the skirt, the hair compliments the other colour codes, the eyes only stand out more because of the green. The shoes could've been more bold though, that's the only thing. Nice job Gnarly, loved this outfit. SCORE: 10

Third place:

Thatgirlbon, and Donnieqiz.

I liked this girls outfit, although the skirt seemed a little too short, with her colour code she could've pulled off a floral skirt to compliment the shirt, making it a little bit more like a borderlined dress? I love that hair colour, the eyes are a little too bright and it doesn't fit with the outfit, maybe next time for star of the week you could either try brown eyes, green eyes, or black eyes, or it doesn't look right with a darker colour code. SCORE: 9

Lastly, Donnieqiz, the top scoring boy.
(I don't think the shoes were part of his original outfit) However, I like this hair, it has an unnatural haircolour beneath a natural colour, which to be honest I find awesome (considering my haircolour in reality is three colours) I like how the shirt compliments the colours, but, one thing I'd change is the eye colour, it looks out of place with darker hair, go for either a black eye or brown, that's just my opinion. SCORE: 8