Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Eva = Mya's Daughter?

Hey Warriorz... I promise this is the last post for the day but I couldn't just wait until tomorow to tell you... have you heard?

Callie Ziegler, the sports clique leader, has officially announced that Eva... Is Mya's daughter! That's right you heard me right! Don't believe it from me?

From an anonymous source, this is what we heard Callie Ziegler say herself...

"But when that Eva chick tried to join the Wzw High volleyball team last year, I overheard her saying how she'd always liked our jacket, asking about who created them. Does that seem like something Mya's own daughter would say? Not in my book, man."

Could Callie be lying? Is Mya really Eva's Mother? Who is the father?

I guess those are just mysterious yet to be solved...