Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Is Coming...

Hello Warriorz! Today I have a fabulous set of outfit ideas for all of you for the impending winter season!
Personally, I am not a fan of the cold weather-- especially where I live! The blasting cold air always reminds me to bundle up, but this collection has definitely made me feel comfy, cozy and right at home!

Sweet Skater

First up we have an outfit featuring this weeks newest designs! I chose to wear the Willow hair because it's literally my favorite hairstyle ever and it goes with anything! Aside from it's total versatility it also adds a sweetness to the outfit with the beautiful curls. I paired the Ginger Sweater Dress with sheer leggings to keep it semi-practical for the cold temperatures. I love how the outfit comes together to create such a sweet and warm look without being too overpowering!

Rudolph Red

Once again this outfit features the brand new fabulous hair from the Ginger outfit! But personally I adore how the sweater looks with the skirt to create an almost dress. It's super cute and Christmas-y, though I tried not to design anything for one holiday in specific!  However it's definitely not something I'd wear when it's below 45 Fahrenheit!  

Santa's Helper

Honestly this outfit just makes me so happy! I'm obsessed with over the knee socks and honestly the fact that I could incorporate them into this weeks outfits was so enlightening! They definitely add a nearly perfect candy cane look to the ensemble, but the black sweater and shorts *slightly* ruined that... However, the cute bows from the Willow sweater (which should be transferable soon!) and the heels make the outfit super chic and innocent. Paired with a messy bun, this outfit is sure to wow!

Until next time