Sunday, January 17, 2016

Arctic Fest 3!

 Hey guys! Ressy is HERE to tell you all about.. you guessed it! (jk 'yall read the title) The Third Arctic Fest!

Announced officially first at Mya's birthday party, the fun contest is finally back, even though it was not held in 2015. There are many ways to earn points, but one of the main ways is using the all new symbz in shopz! There are three types: Bronze(3500 beex), which offer one point; Silver (750 wooz), which offer three points; and Gold (1500 wooz), which offer five points! When activated while standing on an ice tile, everyone in the unit on a tile (including you) gets the point.

The second way is to complete the daily quests that will appear on the left side of your screen!

Additionally, you can also earn points by finding snowflakes, which are collectibles scattered all around featured unitz. There are a bit rare, so be sure to be quick to grab one once you see it!

Finally, the last way to earn points is to attend special Arctic Fest related eventz, which will be labeled "ARCTIC FEST EVENT" in the eventz calendar !

Good luck to everyone participating <3 !

~(C:)> Resolute <(:3)~