Friday, January 1, 2016

Shopz Updates, New Outfits, and More ^~^

Ressy here! Hallo hallo hallo and Happy New Year! What better way to start off the year than with a blog post updating yall about all the fun stuff going on in Woozworld?


Incase you're wondering why I haven't been posting, I'm always distracted by all the new, fantabulous outfits and furniture added to shopz in the Winter section. Though it has been here for a while, it has 21 pages of outfits, furniture, symbz, unitz, and anything you can think of! I still find myself secretly buying one or two things even though I promised myself that I would save wooz :o 

As well as that, even though I don't know if this section will be there for long now that it's the New Year, there's a "Faves from 2014" Section! Though not as big as the Winter section, it still has 7 pages of amazing outfits, that are definitely worth checking out!


With 2016 beginning, many Woozworld directors are taking the chance to announce new series. Wooztubers (is that a thing? woozworld youtubers? idk) such as GislleE417, Rubinella, GummyBearAddictKaley, Ray Productions and Social Wooz have posted trailers for One Notification, After ever After, The Game,  Reborn, and Black Kiss.  I'm personally very excited for the new year, and these series are half responsible for that excitement. Hopefully, more woozens will join Youtube and contribute <3

New Outfits

Well Well Well! What do we have here! Oh right; amazing, beautiful, gorgeous outfits!

I'll leave it to the Warriorz Fashion Experts to talk more about these, but I can't wait to buy the girls Venus outfit; it has got to be one of the favorites!

Well, that's all for now. I have to go do very very important work (aka finish eating all the food from yesterday <3 <3 <3 I actually cooked! Maybe now Jenny-senpai will notice me...) 

Bye Bye Uniwarriorcornz! (get it, you're like unicorns, but warriorz)