Saturday, May 3, 2014

Resolute the Unicorn :3


OK PEOPLE WHO'S READY FOR A UNICORN PARTY? ;D ;D ;D  Ok Ok so all those other posts were so boring like bla bla bla omg. Ok jk jk jk. NO REALLY JUST JOKING U GUYS ARE AWESOME I LOVE U.

My name is Bobtheunicornresolutejenny :3 I go by Res, Ressy, or plainly Bob :D I have a bootiful husband named Bob the Plant, and I do video editing, digital editing, digital drawing, normal drawing, writting, and bassically EVERYTHING there is to do ;)

Now for who I am ;D I am secretly a unicorn, so don't tell anyone :o !!!!!! I live in unicornlandia- I am 34636 years old :3

Now for my work and stuff :3

My Channel:

And now come of my arts ^-^ (a digital edit and a digital drawing :3) :