Sunday, May 4, 2014

WoozWorld's "Newest features" - Hate accounts.

I've recently stumbled upon a few hate accounts. Such as the "StormieHateClub" which is aimed at StormieSkye (Latinlover00's wife.) I find this simply ironic with "Iluvpenguins64's" role of preventing bullying when she is on the hot friends of the account. This is extremely contradictive. There have been several similar things to this account; like a "Glitzhateclub" or the "bubblehateclub," all of this things which just work up and become annoying. Penguin should probably look at her friends list; this Isn't helping her case with the fact she's been acused of bullying alot. I suggest you steer clear of this "Hate clubs" before drama finds its way onto your WoozIN. Peace out!