Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gourmet Cooking!

They say time flies when you’re having fun… but now that summer’s just around the corner, it seems like everything is slowing down! It’s not just time moving slowly; the Woozband noticed that they and the Woozens are feeling tired and slow. To combat these pre-summer blues, the Woozband wanted to bring FUN, EXCITEMENT, and COLOR into Woozworld. But how?

Luckily, JennyWooz found the perfect solution: SUGAR! Woozworld’s resident baking princess, Jenny decided to whip up some sweet treats to perk everyone up. While she was out shopping for Gourmet ingredients, Jenny stumbled upon a Wizard of Sugar, who gave her some mysterious colorful objects he called “Sweeds.

Said the Wizard:
Sugar is all you need to succeed!
O young Jenny, I has what you want & you need.Magical sweets so pure & true, but beware when you mix:your Gourmet nourishment may cause some unexpected tricks.

Though she wondered how the Wizard of Sugar knew her name, Jenny took the mysterious Sweeds home to plant. To her surprise, the Sweedssprouted and grew into Gourmet ingredients! Jenny wondered what would happen if she mixed the yogurtchocolate and sprinkles from her new garden of sweets…
And the results were DELICIOUS.
To try Jenny’s recipe or one of your own, read the Baker’s Guide and start growing your own Sweed garden

You are now able to make delicious Gourmet Foodz that you place in your Unitz/Restaurant and Woozens from all ‘round can eat. Be careful though… these Gourmet Foodz are special and give your Woozen funny tricks (side effects)!
Once all the bites are gone, the Gourmet Foodz will disappear. With this Bakers Guide, you will be making Gourmet Foodz in no time and will be at the top of the Chef leaderboard (or maybe the Foodie one!) in the Plaza.
The first thing you will need is a Gourmet Machine. The type of Gourmet Foodz you cook depends on the type of machine you use. Looking for something cold or frozen? Use the Ice Machine and make your own Yogurt or Ice Cream! Once you have placed it in your Unitz, click it.
You will now be asked to have a specific Gourmet Shape. The shape depends on the type of Gourmet Foodz you want to make. Check the chart below to see what one is needed for each Foodz.

Remember: like in real life, you can only use 1 shape at a time! Meaning if you have two Ice machines and are cooking a Yogurt in one, you will need to use another Gourmet Yogurt Cup to cook the second one at the same time.
It’s time to choose your ingredients! Ingredients can be grown from the Sweeds and BIO furni or you can get them immediately from theWoozworld Store. The first ingredient you choose will be the base of your Gourmet Foodz. The second and third are optional choices for you to add more to your Gourmet Foodz and make it even more yummy! Once you’re happy with your ingredients, click POWER ON.
The time shown is how long it will take for your Gourmet Foodz to be ready. If your Woozen is too hungry and wants the Gourmet Foodz immediately, just buy a Boost of Power to get the Gourmet Foodz.
If you’ve successfully made a Gourmet Foodz, you will unlock the recipe and it will be available in your Gourmet Recipe Book! Otherwise the Ice Machine will give you a Rainbow Ice Cream Stick.
Each Gourmet Foodz give a different side effect, some great and some… not so much! The more you eat it, the longer it will last.
Voila! You have your delicious Gourmet Foodz! When you place it in your Unitz, you will be able to have the first bite and invite your friends to taste it! :D
Can you discover all the Gourmet Recipes?
Note: Woozens that eat your Gourmet Foodz will pay a Gourmet Foodz fee in Beex. Chefs get to eat their own creation for free.

PS: Here are some of the Recipes that I have discovered:

That's all for today from me! Peace <3