Sunday, June 15, 2014

Helllllllo cx It's Mar XD (Obviously) and I know this is super SUPER late but, well here is one of my Art posts XD

 So anybody that is anybody has heard about/seen TFiOS (The Fault in Our Stars) and I, myself am A little obsessed with it XD so here is something I'm working on c: I signed it with my real name (Des) because it's not technically woozworld related XD
How I made this was I searched up 'TFiOS quotes' in google and I drew a bunch of them XD The middle drawing is not my original design I saw a digital edited picture of that and I was like :OO So I attempted to draw it XD

I still have to finish some more drawings then I need to color it cx

Hope you enjoy <3
Stay Artsy,