Monday, June 9, 2014

Unit Design with Vindaya

Hi Luvs :) Its Vinny and I'm starting a new topic on unit design :) I know this was suppose to be up Saturday >.< But better late then never right?
Well my 1st unit is a summer backyard I designed.

I also am going to share what is in the unit  and the Unit itself :)

Now i tried to find the name of the unit i used but i just couldn't so I did a photo without any funiture

In this unit I had:
  • 35 Grass Tiles
  • 3 bout lounge chairs
  • 2 coconut candles
  • 2 tiki yetis
  • 5 palm trees
  • a flower heart
  • a volleybal net
  • a outdoor bar
and a beach ball

Okay thats it for me :) I'll remember to post correctly next Saturday .-.