Monday, July 14, 2014

Guess The New Blogger!

Yo, I am your new blogger and i wish to play you a little game
Guess in your mind.
Don't think I'm a girl

1) I played woozworld for 5 years but my account says 1

(Know me? OK another one)

2) I used to wear a red and blue robe with a mask and a deadmanu5

(Know me? OK another one)

3) My best friend is -AidyPady-

(Know me? Hmm really? OK another one)

4) My girlfriend is called Sun blaze.

(You must know me now? No? OK last one)

5) My woozen is called wwsocial-Blank

(I'm pretty sure you know who I am know... Yes I am wwsocial-owner)

I will be blogging about woozworld movie reviews💕 ✌ 💕