Monday, July 14, 2014

Dealing With Friends, Stress and Insecurties

Hey guys! I decided I wanted to a write a quick post today about how to deal with friends stress & being insecure.  Since many people struggle with all three of these I wanted to show you guys different ways to handle the individual struggles of all three things!


Problem: Your friend likes you ex-BF and it's driving you insane!
Quick fix: Talk to your friend about it and ask if they would be a little quieter about their crush around you. It's not saying 'You can't like him' but it's not allowing yourself to get more jealous and create a larger problem later.

Problem: Your friend accidentally spilled the beans about your crush!
Quick Fix: Don't stress about it! He/she might like you back and if/when he/she hears you like him he/she could ask you out! Maybe it doesn't work out like that, but your friend probably didn't mean any harm! If it's a problem sit down and talk with your friend about it so it doesn't happen again!


Problem: You made tons of plans Friday night and now it seems like you just got 30 more plans and a test to study for!
Quick Fix: Make a list of things you have to do. Start with the most important on top of the list (That test is totally the main priority) and end with the least important thing (Your friends or mani/pedi can wait for another day). Do what you know needs to get done tonight and leave the rest for the next day or two.

Problem: Your family has been fighting a ton lately and you feel ready to explode.
Quick Fix: Sit down and talk to your family about it. Say that you feel extremely stressed and request a 'family night' where you guys  watch movies or play games. If not, try suggesting family therapy and see if that helps! When there's big fights go in your room and treat yourself to a self-spa-day. This sort of things are super hard to ignore because you can't really 'leave' the problem, but there are many ways to go about decreasing the stress being caused.


Problem: It's summer and you feel uncomfortable stepping out in a bikini with your friends.
Quick Fix: Love your body! No one is perfect and you shouldn't be afraid to embrace any 'flaws' you have. Flaws are what make us beautiful. Besides confidence is the best accessory a girl can wear.

Problem: You feel like make-up is the only way to be beautiful.
Quick fix: It's not! Being beautiful is a matter of how confident you are! Make-up is just a mask that covers up true beauty. Yes, you can wear make-up, but don't cake it on your face. If anything, keep it light and airy so you still look like... well... you! Like I said earlier, just embrace your 'flaws' because they do make you beautiful!

I hope my tips helped! If you wanna see more tell me on woozworld (TobanJ), Message me on Facebook (Toban Wooz) Or tell us in the chat bar! I really enjoyed making this and I totally want to do this more often!