Monday, July 14, 2014

Heyy Everyone im new to the blog, thanks to tj for so willing me taking me in c;!Anyway my name on woozworld is 'breeze5' and i wanna share a quick few facts about myself for you to get to know me better :3

1. My name in real is Abby
2. I look just like my woozworld character , with my blonde hair and blue eyes and everything xD
3. Im an introvert
4. Im totally obsessed with anime
5. Im also very obsessed with music and even make some of my own!

Anyway those are just a few facts about me. On this blog i would love to make edits for all of you guys and maybe even help with the music playlist. c: ill be talking with all you guys soon :D

                                                                                                 ~Love Breeze ♥ ♥