Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ever After High In Woozworld?!

Hii there, my name is Jade (-Call-Me-Jade-) and before I start this article I just want to skim through some things you should ALWAYS know c: First of all, I'm a new blogger to this blog (Well, duh, round of applause for captain obvious) and I'm a reindeer, NOT A DEER, a REINDEER. Don't ever call me a pitiful human , ugh, it annoys me alot, my mom and dad worked hard to make me a reindeer, (Wink, wink if you know what I mean) But lets get going to the article!

So Ever After High is in Woozworld! And if you're like me and didn't know one single thing about this thing then let me explain. Its a series/show that is about fairytale children, not just any fairytale children but the daughters and sons of the most well-known fairytale characters. I honestly had like no idea where this show came from and how it even exists but it does. The show mainly focuses on two characters and two groups, "Apple White" who belongs to the "Royals" and "Raven Queen" who belongs to the "Rebel" group! Apple is the daughter of Snow White and Raven is the daughter of the Evil Queen, so I think you know where this show is heading. But guess what, you're wrong. Nope, Apple does not hate Raven, in fact I would say she loves her. But the real twist to the show is that the children have to follow in their parents' footsteps by signing a book of legacy<Or something like that. Raven though , doesn't want to be evil and believes that she should get to choose her own destiny and starts a rebellion. Ya, thats basically the whole show and episodes summarized.

xxGetting to how this relates to woozworld, woozworld has brought in two of the characters "Lizzie Hearts, daughter of the Queen of Hearts" who is apart of the royals and "Cedar Wood, daughter of Pinnochio" who belongs to the rebels. And now they are "fighting" over the theme for the Thronecoming Ball in woozworld. Should it be royal or rebel? I think it should be Reindeer and Unicorn Horns but whatever.

AND finally getting to the part where it involves woozens. You choose a team, Royals or Rebels? Then when you choose a team you go and find the collectiblez for your team, whichever team with the most collectiblez findings win. So it's not really any different from the other things woozworld has promoted and I think the characters look too much like Monster High Characters in terms of how woozworld edited them.

So um thats it! 

P.S. Don't bother go watching Ever After High, its really just repeating the concepts over and over again, I suggest watching Once Upon A Time, its a way better fairytale show. (And if you have anything to say about this, post on my wallz and I'll discuss it with you)