Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fashion With Tj-- Halloween

Hello everybody!
I'm back with my Halloween ideas for ya'll ;)
I've been missing doing this for so long and I'm excited that I finally have time to do it
again!! Hope you enjoy! <3

Ok so this is like super adorable and I love
it so much like words don't describe ok. The
skirt makes the outfit so fresh and flirty,
which is definitely what everyone is looking
for this fall season! It's totally awesome how
you could be a witch but still look so fabulous!
And on top of that the make up is SO on
trend this season! XX 
This is definitely my FAVORITE of all  of my designs! I just love the mummy mesh top & sandals with a matching skirt under it (in this case shorts lol) with the Eva hair! I just think it works so well together! It's totally wearable for this season and it doesn't look like you tried too hard to be fabulous!
Kitty Purry
Ahahaha the name <3 Of course it's Katy Perry
inspired like how could I not! Kittens are of course one of my most favorite costumes ever!
I just love how the makeup works with the whole costume and how you know it's a kitty! The adorable fishnet leggings are a must for this outfit- who goes out with bare legs anyway by 
this point in fall? It totally adds to the cute
innocence this look has already!

So who will you guys be for Halloween? Let me know in the chat roll or on a FaceBook Fan page