Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Prom 2k15

Hey guys so, Prom is around the corner... It's come quicker than I thought!

Prom podz are in Prom Planning HQ! I think Woozworld's voting system is a lot better this year, I mean it gives more people a chance; it's quality - not quantity, I think this gives people a chance to actually win contests if they're not "famous" by woozworld standards.

ALSO. I believe this is the first year where anyone can win the title of king or queen. You don't have to be male to win the title of king; nor do you have to be female to win the title of king. I believe this opens a door to gender diversity in Woozworld, what they've done is extremely amazing considering I don't think this has been done before; to Woozworld: Keep up the good work. ♥

Also... Maybe vote CosmicThunder for prom king, and me, Ollie93, for prom queen? C; I'd love to see us get nominated, thank you Warriorz. Good luck with prom, and enjoy!