Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Quiz | Answers

Hey Warriors! Resolute here!

 A lot of you have been struggling with the Mother's Day quiz but no fear! Resolute is here! So thanks to so many people who put their time into helping me solve the maze like preciouscakes101 and pandaloveino, I'll be showing you guys, with their help, the answers that I received. I myself used this map when I finally got into the unit, and it seemed to work quite fine. There were only some confusing areas, do you see the arrows? The arrows show which area that tile is responsible for helping. It's confusing because you can click that tile in two different areas, so remember to click it only once!

If this picture is too confusing for you and you perfer videos, here is MawaddaElbanhawy's answer video for this same maze:

That's all for now, the prize is a beautiful t-shirt, so I hope you'll get one yourself to wear ;) (I personally look very gawjuss in it ;D)

Happy Mother's Day, Warriorz.

~Resolute Out~