Friday, June 12, 2015

Adorable Fridays | Jenny's Woopetz Show (With Interview of Pet Owner)

This Friday, the 12th of June, JennyWooz held her special Woopetz of the Week at 4pm WoozTime, featuring elephants' and monkeys' garnaments that were specifically either: Red- #FF0000, Orange #FFA500, Yellow- #FFFF00 Green- #00FF00 Blue- #0000FF or Purple- 800080. 

How to Play

Similar to Mya's Star of the Week, Jenny's Woopet of the Week is held in the same style but instead of judging on the person's outfit, it is based on a specific theme in pets!

This Week's Game

The first set of judges were DearCrystal, thelostlove, and Wicked

and the second set of judges were yasmin692, david037, and Ejtoto

The judges were very happy with their work this week, and Jenny was too! Together, they came up with these three winners:
Third Place: Linnett
Second Place: Resolute

Linnett's elephant was just so adorable, there aren't enough words to express how cute it is! I'll say right now that her elephant is just too KAWAII!!!

And then there's me, Resolute, who looks like an orange grape banana shake ;o Mmm now I'm getting thirsty ;c

First Place: SierraTooCool 
All of the judges put 10 for SierraTooCool's pet, which was just too rainbow to not give it victory in the game! It matched the theme perfectly and stood out out of all of the pets.

To help you guys get to know her better, I took a short interview with Sierra:

First Place Pet: Arthur

Me: Well, to start off, Congratulations on winning and thank you for joining us today! How did you feel when you found out that you've won?

Sierra: Well, it was kind of crazy actually, I didn't know my monkey ARThur (Art as Jenny called it) would actually win! I feel really excited, cause this all happened after I accidentally clicked buy on the hair not noticing I bought the wrong headpiece!

Me: Wow! Who would have thought that you were one click away from not buying the perfect hair for Art! What are you planning to do with this victory? Will we be seeing more of Arty and Sierra around Woozworld now that you've won?

Sierra: Well, this is actually inspiring to try and next time judge at the Petz of the Week, probably even try and attend more eventz, not to mention inspire others! Woozens, even if things don't go your way you can fix it, that's just life! Just keep moving forward! And to answer your question on Arty, yes! I'm pretty positive you all will soon! :)

Me: Awesome! I'm sure all of Woozworld can't wait to see you judge at the Petz Show, I know that I'll be looking forward to it. You said before how you wanted to inspire others; is there possibly anything you want to say to others who will be shooting to have their pets be a pet of the week?

Sierra: What I always do is give a story and explain. When talking to the judges, don't be like a shy elephant! Instead, be a talkative monkey! Tell the judges what you came up with for the theme! What the judges love is when you actually talk about your pet and its theme. Everyone can't read minds you know! And also, be different from the rest of the pet owners! Try different colors, something shocking! BE UNIQUE.

Me: That's a beautiful message right there, thank you for joining us Sierra! Is there anything else you would like to let our readers know?

Arty: STAY CUTE! And good luck to future pet of the week stars. Even if some of you might not win the more you keep doing it the more people will get familiar with you! xx Thank you for having me Res!

Arty, her pet, was amazing and I'm personally very happy with this week's pet winner, are you?

 Here are some pics for you guys from the amazing event:

Personally, I had a lot of time at this pet show, even if it was a bit laggy! I'll see you guys in my next post on MyaWooz's Late Night Show, happening 3 hours after this hawt pet show! c;

<(:D)~~ Resolute ~~(C:)>