Friday, June 12, 2015

A Different Special | Mya's Late Night Show

Hey guys, it's Ressy here, back with another post! On the 12th of June, or this Friday, not only did Jenny host her pet show, but Mya made a special visit to her dusty Late Night Show unit and lit it up with the brand new rainbow symbz, have you heard about them?

different2gether Movement in Woozworld

Recently, you may have noticed that WoozWorld started selling rainbow Symbz in shopZ under the section "New" for 200 beex. This is apparently a new movement to emphasize the importance of embracing your differences and not being embarrassed to express who you really are based on your sexuality, gender, nationality, or whatever the case may be. Woozworld has also been hosting events that are open to Woozens who support this movement and who are helping spread it across the players. For more details, you can read all about this movement in this Woozworld's blog.

Mya's Show and Where It Came From

Back to the specifically Mya's Late Night, here is some background on the show!

The first show, before it got its name, was around February 2011 (I'm not sure 100% about this date); after its first appearance, WoozWorld released a contest where Woozens would get the chance to select a name for the show. The winner's name was "Late Night Show with MyaWooz" as we know it today.

For a while it was held every week, usually Friday night, where Mya would talk about things that happened that week and what would happen the next. You can check some of the old shows live from youtube in this link. After some time, the show began to get less popular and started to be held only during special occasions like this one, making Woozens eager to see if the Late Night Show was on the schedule. 

Fun Fact of the Day: To get into the special different2gether units, you have to be wearing the symbz when clicking on the unit, but once you're inside, your symbz can be changed to whatever you want without you being kicked out of the unit! I love the cute rainbow symbz, but sometimes they don't match my outfit ;) What better way to show your difference than by wearing a different symbz?

Before the Show

While waiting for Mya, I asked a few people what they look forward to this show!

i look forward to meeting mya, and enjoying a night out

xD If i was here to stayyy it would be intersting to hear other people's opinion on different 2 gether

EXCITEMENT! Its been forever since this show happened!

telling mya about the iOS 9 bugs on the woozworld app

Im looking forward for Mya to give us advice about being yourself, and that its ok to be different because everyone is unique in their own way xx

Showing my face to everyone :)

I am looking forward to Mya's advice for each and everyone of us who feel down because we are us. Mya is probably going to encourage us to accept ourselves and tolerate the differences of those around us.

Lots of people look forward to listening to what other people and Mya has to say and to experience the excitement of being at this show <3 And then some people want other people and Mya to listen to what they have to say and see how they are unique c; I think that everyone is in a perfect mood for the show!

This Week's Late Night Show!

Finally! I bet all of you were getting tired of waiting. At 7 pm Mya arrived in her fabulous outfit:

The discussion today circled mostly about the new different2gether movement in WoozWorld; Mya explained how this movement is meant to stop the bullying, harassing, and other problems that are going on all around because of someones sexuality or how they look like.

Woozworld is making an effort to make everyone feel comfortable in woozworld.

During the show, many people were able to say lots of interesting things that really are worth the time to look over, for example, I noticed Wander was really bonding with this topic: 

Most teens, about our age, feel the need to be accepted by their peers. People change their clothing style, the manner in which they converse, and the people whom they associate themselves with, just to fit-in. An obsession with the way they wear their clothes is a senseless waste of time, effort, and money. People will always feel the need to be accepted but they sacrifice their God given right to be different. Let's always remember that what we wear and where we are doesn't define who we really are.  It's what inside who defines us.

After listening to Mya's side and answering her questions, five people shared their stories about bullying or simply feeling discomfort. Ollie's story especially really stood out and was a great inspiration to others (so glad I let him go in front of me, thx senpai for being awesome). I think Mya agrees with me...

Ollie was a great way to end it off and Mya knew just the right thing to say.

Before leaving, She wanted all of us to know her little message and to make sure that it stays with us whenever we are in need of help. All of us should keep in mind, even during the darkest times....

Then again... this is Mya.... no way going without this last line ;)

Wow! This was longer than I expected it to be. I hope you guys didn't fall asleep while reading it and if you weren't at the show, it's really a shame because it was amazing. I really feel like Mya was just perfect and I'm so happy that I went. This is the best Late Night Show I've ever gone to, honestly. 

Now pls, Mya X Jenny?

<(:D)~~ Resolute ~~(C:)>