Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BeMe Event | Vip-Me X Mya?!?!

Hey Warriorz! Ressy here Again! So not only did Mya host the VIP Fashion Scoop, but she and her friends from BeMe,VIP-BE and VIP-ME, also hosted a BeMe Event! You can read all about BeMe in Woozworld in the Woozworld official blog

VIP-BE shared with us her Secret Summer project that they have been working on, Summer Goal: Accepting who you are. Not really secret anymore though, hah (I'm sorry).

They talked about how it's important to accept yourself for who you are and to understand that these changes are ok, even if comparisons and other people may put u down. As VIP-BE said, "Learn to be your own friend first." These are all just phases, and everyone has at one point in life had to go through them.

Here is some advice that our speakers offered to the Woozens(click the photo to enlarge):

Questions for/Advice from BeMe 

Demi- What made you choose this even so suddenly?

VIP-BE- Puberty is part of everyone's lives, it's important to talk about it, so we had to address it since self-appreciation is touched! Self-Esteem, Body Image, and Self Appreciation is important for us!

Eva- What is the most important thing to remember when you're going through this part of life?

VIP-BE- It's only a moment in your life, a challenging one, but an important one, so remember there will be cool new things out of it.

VIP-ME- It can be the best, and it can be the worst!

Cool- A lot of people are hating on me even though I didn't do anything to irritate them

VIP-BE- Well, some people are simply mean bcuz they're not happy, but remember they're doing it not because you're not cool, it's because they have low esteem- So try to ignore them.

VIP-ME- Haters gonna Hate

VIP-BE- Remember, stay true to yourself no matter what.

Virtual- What is the main course of low self esteem?

VIP-ME- Not believing in urself and ur abilities; sometimes it'ws because we believe in others' mean words.

VIP-BE- Believe in yourself before anyone else!

MyaWooz- Advice on Point ;D (Ikr Mya)

Car- While all these changes are going on, how do I gain confidence and stay happy with myself?

VIP-BE- First of all, accept these changes. They might not be the changes you wish you had, but they're making a new person out of you. Accept, believe, and trust yourself!

VIP-ME- When looking in the mirror, that's your only real competition :)

Milly- How can I get over my Ex? Everytime I do, he appears.

VIP-BE- Well, first off, it takes some time to get over someone. But do things you like with friends, discover new passions, write a journal, and cut any communication with him.

VIP-ME- Walk Away.

Milly- How can I understand myself better?

VIP-BE- Try everything and learn who you are !

Woov- Do you think Mya has a crush on Jay

VIP-ME- No! (I'd ship ME X MYA if not MYA X JENNY)

Mya- What now? ;)

VIP-BE- Baby it's a love story just say yes XD

Maddy- I have no clue how to come out in real :X

VIP-BE- Well, wait until you're ready to tell someone you trust; but take your time, it's not a race. As long as you're comfortable telling someone.

Chris- People are threatening to hurt me.

VIP-ME- Did you tell someone about it? Your couch?

Chris- No I told the counselor

VIP-BE- Usually in schools they have a policy against bullying . Most are 0 tolerance now. Bullies are like haters, if you fall into their game, they love it :-/ Don't stop doing something you love because of them; keep on wrestling if you like it!

VIP-ME- Talk to your parents, couch, or a trusted adult. They're probably scared of your mad talent!


To end the show, our guests asked about our own positive goals for the summer and the best advice that we recieved! Remember, post on their walls what you think about these questions.

VIP-ME X Mya ? ;)

That's all for the BeMe Show. Remember to join VIP-ME and VIP-BE for another special show next month! Thanks for reading c;

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