Wednesday, June 17, 2015

VIP Fashion Scoop

Hey Warriorz! Ressy here! Today Mya hosted another one of her "VIP Style Scoops," a new thing where Mya comes to show the VIPS the new upcoming outfits!

The Outfits

Mya started with the boys outfits this time. Are you guys ready for a beach vibe? The anchors are just adorable on the shorts, The sunglasses are perfect for a sunny, summer afternoon. Mya can rock that amazing hair ;) Don't get me even started on the zipper shirt- I can't wait to wear that! I usually like the boy's outfits a lot better but this time I swear I was amazed when she walked on stage in that girl's outfit because Omigod its so perfect. Idk what there is not to lvove about it, the hair is just the best thing I've ever seen drawin in Woozworld- but off course, don't forget the second boy's outfit. That hair is 2fab4u and dang it looks great on Mya too! Ah.... JennyXMya fanfiction that would be a perfect outfit for Mya to wear <3 <3 Sorry, I got too deep into my fantasies! For real though, that second girl hair would look so perfect on Cuppy. I swear it's so cuppy that I can't. JUST IMAGINE HER WITH LIKE HER SMILE AND THE SUNGLASSES! Alright, A litttle peek-a-boo in the dress, I see ;) None in the back though guys, don't worry.

On another note... are you guys joining Mya's secret Illumyanati society?