Monday, June 15, 2015

different2gether Video Challenge

Hey Warriorz! Ressy here (obv, I mean, who else would post on a boring Monday?) and as promised, I'm here to tell you guys all about the new video challenge! The queue is rather large right now, so many of you guys were unable to read the pod- That's what I'm here for ;)

As we ALL expected, the theme is different2gether (yay); create a video, as usual between 30-60 seconds, about your stories or advice or anything related to the new different2gether movement! Don't forget that the video must be entirely filmed on ww; No real voices or faces! Also, don't forget to follow the Woozworld code of conduct (That thing you accepted when you joined c;).

As you read, the contest lasts till June 21st! Good luck everyone!