Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hey Warriorz! Ressy here again c; About a week ago (Yas) Jay announced the unit design theme, "Dream Vacation!" Today, Jay visited his IDesignz unit to announce the three winners of that design theme.

History of IDesignz

Before IDesignz existed, Jay had a different unit, 'Jay's Unitz Design HQ," which you can still find if you look in his units. He would select a few furniture he felt matched the theme and would sell them in a shop podz next to the entry pod. After a while, his Unit Designs came to an end and reopened to become what we now know as IDesignz.

How IDesignz Works

So, basically, IDesignz is a unit home to all the doors to previous winners of the contest. It also includes the podz where you can submit your unit or read the rules to the contest. Usually, Jay hosts the event once a week, releasing the winners during the event. After a couple days, Jay would announce the new theme to the unit design.

Once finding out the theme and the rules through either the podz or Jay's post, you need to create a unit that matches the theme. After about a week, Jay announces the winners to the contest, which is usually the top five winners of the contest.

When you win a unit design, you get a special IDesignz trophy depending on which place you got! If you goth 4th or 5th, you get a different trophy with a magnifying glass on it, but the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place get the ones on the left

This Week's IDesignz

Like regularly, this week Jay announced 5 winners at his IDesignz. A lot of people had fun hanging with Jay, and a lot of other people enjoyed finding out that their friends or them won!

We'll start off by announcing 5th place, which went to Maddy and her amazing party boat! All the neon colors amazed me, and I loved the small dancing section. The unit was just so creative. Let's congratulate Maddy and her Super Awesome Party Boat that all of you definitely should check out!

Next let's take a moment to appreciate ApplePie's peaceful lake unit which earned itself 4th place in the contest! Ah, relaxation at its finest. The unit was just too realistic and honestly, it's unit goals. I'd definitely move here except for the whole "electricity" problems that I might encounter heh. 

Next, let's hit the sandy waters, look for seashells, and congratulate Monster with winning 3rd place in the unit design! His beach unit is just perfect for a hot, sunny, summer day; the waves were just fantastic. I'd go to the beach right now but you need friends for that <3

Next, we're taking a ride in an unique submission- an RV. Let's give it up for lilswag and his lil' swag RV! I love love LOVE the idea of taking a break off and just traveling around the world in a smoking hot RV like this one. This unit definitely deserved the second place!

Yes Yes Yes Yes! Time for first place. Omigod you don't know how much this unit surprised me. Gold everywhere, and golden design skills all around. Ann (or Cool) won this round, first place and definitely a vacation worth going to- Persia! The Persian palace was just extraordinary; golden trophy for golden unit, I think that's a yes! Using the old prom unit to create Persia was the most creative idea I've seen in a while. Check it out for yourself, you'll love it!

Well, those were all the winners for this time. Hopefully, the next theme will be out soon so all of yall can start designing the AMAZING units again! I'll see you guys in my next post, Resolute Out