Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Logan Objectives Walkthroughs

Wait did I promise an objectives walk through to be out June 21st... Woopsy daisy hehe... hehe...

Hey Warriorz! Ressy here with a post that you guys might have been waiting for since June 21st (I'm so so so so soooo sorry! I completely forgot.)

Well, I was gonna spend like a million years making these GNARLY edits that show how to complete it until I realized that one of my good friends, Blondie, already made a video about it (thx bae for hlping res when she's lazy).  You guys should check it out, it's amazing and really easy to follow!

And I like, literally, love the song. Some of you probably also bought the awesome Summer Saver special quest! Don't fear, Blondie's video is here ;)

Wait a minute- Zach is leaving? Well that sucks, come on Zach u just gotta- Let it go ;) See what I did there ;) 

Anyways, I hope these help you guys (Credits for the videos go to magical Blondie c:). Good luck in completing them and I'll be back later!