Friday, June 26, 2015

Catching Up with Woozworld + Ship of the Week!

Hey Warriorz! Today I'll be catching up with you guys on what's happened in the past few days!

Jay's FreeStyle

SO today Jay hosted hes super amazing free-style (yas)! The theme was different2gether and he announced the winners at the end:

Cyndaquil49 in third, 911Swag in second, and dangerous-beauty with Maddy in first!

But don't be afraid if you haven't had the chance to read your poem because you have until a while to submit one on Jay's WoozIn! Later today, he will be picking the Wooz-In Winners. Good luck everyone!

Summer Design Winners

You heard me right! The summer design winners were released yesterday; and the outfits are just AMAZE BALLS. I won't go into too much details since I'm not too good at judging fashion, but I personally just love love love love LOVE the designs that the french woozens and the Brazilian woozens made; all you awesome english designers out there- you have some competition ;).

Ship of the Week

Ok so you guys know that I just love shipping people so I was like- why don't I make a ship of the day thing ;D ;D ;D

Incase you guys are confused what I'm talking about, it's not about boats. When you "ship" people, you basically want them to be together in a romantic relationship bcuz they're like- perfect together.

 So basically underneath my posts each day I'll feature two people who I think would be super super cutesy together and I'll post pictures and other stuff to support why <3 

So the first Ship of the Day ever shall be...

ZeenaXMax because omg how can you NOT ship them.

Signs of it first started showing when Zeena crashed the Woozworld Office Party December 17, 2012. Seeing the Christmas Tree, Zeena payed very close attention to the specific Max ornament.

Their relationship could also finally be possibly May 6, 2014 after Woozarazi's article with Jenny in tears... because of a break up with Max. You can read the article for yourself here. In the Image on the blog, Zeena is seen comforting Jenny, so is it possible that the reason this evil queen suddenly turns sympathetic is because of a feeling of guilt for what has happened?

And with Zach breaking up with Zeena because of his plans to go for Jenny, this only shows that Zeena is now single and ready to mingle with Max c;

Not only that, but it has been uncovered October 3rd, 2013 that Zeena is possibly the mother of Fil&Eva; (You can check it out here) and with Zeena and Zack broken up... could this possibly mean that in the future Zeena and Max got together?

November 10th, 2014 Woozarazi posted once again another article... and this time Zeena and Max were spotted together!

"Speaking of the Woozen we love to hate, WoozWeekly has an exclusive scoop on Zeena's LOVE LIFE! That's right, Woozens, Zeena was seen at the hottest new restaurant in Woozworld- with a new beau on her arm. And who is this lucky gent?

You heard it from him and not from me, you can read it all for yourself here.

Well, that's all for now, but maybe in the future we will be seeing Max x Zeena, or should I say #Maxena?