Friday, June 19, 2015

Logan's Swimming Event!

Hey GNARLY Warriorz (Oh gawd I'm becoming Logan). Ressy here! Now, you might be wondering why Im speaking all Logan-y. Jk u read the title so it's no surprise. LOGAN'S SWIMMING EVENT!

The Event

Sorry if this blog is a little shorter than usual! I'm trying to keep the normal week event blogs less-lengthy so that you guys don't get bored! So as you all know now, Logan hosted her swimming event today and whoever won would get a friend request from her. The questions focused mostly on Logan, who she is, where she's from, and what she's doing now. This time, there were six winners not including the 6 final victors (out of which only 5 got an add since one already had her added c;).

1... 2... 3... BOOGIE!

First Winner: VirtualAthilah
Second Place: Rubinella
Third Place: PhoenixGirl
Second Winner: Resolute
Second Place: Lilskyy
Third Place: Lara492
Fourth Winner: crystlefire
Second Place: Ally248
Third Place: -didnt see-

Third Winner: Maddy
Second Place: Evacam
Third Place: Taye0

Sixth Winner: Spuzan
Second Place: Yasmin
Third Place: Macicrown
Fifth Winner: xXEmilyXx
Second Place: Lowkey
Third Place: Kim
Last Round Victors:
EquallyDivided, SierraTooCool, Wander, Resolute, Chanterelle, DahRock