Sunday, June 21, 2015

Star of the Week | With Interview of Star

Hey warriorz, Ressy here, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging as much lately. I've been really busy with other things such as video editing and real life, but I hope I'll get back into it soon!

Star of the Week

This Sunday was the Logan-inspired SOTW and the outfits were very impressive. The judges this week were equallyDivided, Sammy-x, mickefav, and  .  Since there isn't much more to say, I'll head straight into tellingyou guys about the winners!

Winners of this Star of the Week

The winner's outfit just AMAZED me. Quote really impressed the judges with her neutral colors and her summer-time feel. I feel like it captured what it feels like to be in summer perfectly. 

Let's also give it up for TheFallenOne for getting SECOND place in SOTW. Her outfit really deserved it, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE braids (Especially with that dress c;)

Lunalightstar (yaaaaas bae) also deserves a round of applause for her splendid performance in the black-and-white heavenly outfit that got her third place! I'm in love with her outfit, the hair and the shirt and the colors it's all just so perfect. 


xFaze's third place winning black mixed with golden outfit was fascinating. The white hair was also very unique and nice to see! The colors matched so perfectly, I'd never expect it to go so nicely with the hair, but Faze proved me wrong! Congratulations, your outfit is just as golden as your fashion skills ;)

Don't forget -Sakura-X3, her outfit was off the scale. The colors are deffinetly the best I've seen throughout SOTW, and I've been through a lot of SOTWs trust me. Her and xFaze wore the same thing but the colors and the faces made them look completely different! It's obvious that both of them put a lot of work into making these, especially with this shirt being as popular as it is!

Now, all the boys reading the post have probably been waiting for a while now to see a boy runner up! Congratulations DannyCX; his blue outfit and his cotton candy purple hair were just too unique to not give a special shoutout for! As Mya said, Jenny would sure like this one if she were into fashion (speaking of which, MYA X JENNY OMG YAAS). Don't trust me? Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think of his outfit!

Interview with the Star

Obviously, following the norms, I'll let you guys see my interview with Quote, this week's star.

So, how'd it feel when u found out you've won o3o

I freaked :D! my heart started beating faster and i was like wait... me!?

Have you participated in star before?

Yes I have, I think I've gone maybe 8 times before

Wow, that's a lot. You definitely deserved that victory! Do you plan to do anything special now that you've won star?

Um... Well maybe judging every once in a while. But for the most part just relaxing now and having fun haha

That's awesome, do you have any tips for our readers who will be also shooting to become star of the week?

If you don't win try try again!

Yas, that's definetly true when it comes to many things. Thanks for joining us today!


To conclude this post, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting Woozworld Warriorz and encouraging us to keep on writing <3 We put in a lot of hard work for you guys just so you all could know more than you already do ;) 

I'll see you guys in my next post, Ressy out c;