Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mya's SOTW | With Interview of Winner

Hey Warriorz! Ressy here with news of this week's SOTW!

(Mya mentioned something about Lily stopped her Woozpaper because she felt like no one was reading it, I hope that incase Lily reads this, I have a lot of people who love your woozpaper and I find it a really efficient way to inform people about the week as well as hear in articles from ourselves aka the woozens <3)

SOTW Judges

This SOTW there were five judges as opposed to four; EmmaLIKE the suspect of cheating, taye0 the harsher judge, Sunchip the hawt sunglasses judge, Seamus the potato farmer, and Evacam the gorgeous dolly judge!

There was some Drama going on around SOTW about Emma accepting bribes as said by Ricky101, but the focus mostly centered around the beautiful contestants.

SOTW Winners

After the last contestant went at 5:06, Mya proceeded to announcing the winners... after the tedious math and tallying.

In third place Mya announced two winners: Gnarly and lolaisbae!

 Following them, second place was given to hobbitanddiaries and bellabrookinrox. 
And finally, this week's SOTW is...


Interview with Star

Resolute: Yayz o3o Well, to start with thanks for joining us today ;o How did it feel when you first found out that you've won?

Luvvz: I was very happy and excited, I thought I was going to cry xp

Resolute: Have you participated in Sotw before? If so, have you won before?

Luvvz: Yes,but never won. ='-'= I'm so sorry for the late response Dx

Resolute: It's alright o3o A lot of people, including me, really loved your outfit (obv), was there anyone or anything that inspired it?

Luvvz: Lol. Actually no, not really

Resolute: Amazing, your outfit was really spectacular. Finally, a lot of our readers are shooting to be a star of the week like you. Is there any advice you could possibly give to them?

Luvvz: Thank you :) Yes, just be you. Be creative and have fun while choosing your outfit. And never give up, if you don't win star of the week next week, there's always more chances.

Resolute: Great! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, and I'm sure our readers are just as thankful. Is there anything else you would like to say before we end?

Luvvz: My pleasure! x) And no, that'd be it :)

Well, that's all for now Warriorz. Have a wonderful end of the week and I'll see you guys again soon!