Saturday, June 27, 2015

Charmazing | Charmazing Lyrics Quiz Answers and More!

Hey Warriorz! Res o toot here with even more hawt updates about Charmazing in Woozworld! you can check out my last post here where I also discussed some of the earlier fun stuff featuring Charmazing in Woozworld.

Charmazing Party

I think that all of you know that last Friday, or yesterday, Mya presented the new Charmazing single with her special guest from Style-Me-Up: Mimi! They danced to the catchy tune and discussed the song. Even though I couldn't make it to the event, I've heard that it was a lot of fun!

Charmazing Video Challenge

Yesterday JennyWooz also revealed the new Video Challenge theme: Charmazing Music Video! You'll have to create a charmazing music video with your friends to the new Charmazing song. The rules are like usual with the addition that you have to use the song in your video. 

You don't have to make a whole 4 minutes video, the minimum is one!

I can't wait to see all the videos that you Warriorz create!

Charmazing Lyrics Quiz Answers

with a fabulous answer video once again from MawaddaElbanhawy :3 Last time she's helped us all with le Mother's Day quiz answers, and now she's made a video for the Charmazing Lyrics Quiz Answer, opened by JennyWooz at 11 am (I'm not a morning person; I was still sleeping XD)

I hope you guys find this video helpful ^-^ Just incase, I wrote out the answers as well:

1. charma out
2. destiny
3. star
4. karma
5. truth
6. soul
7. charmazing

Once you finish, you get a hawt Charmazing Hibiscus Symbz, I'll let what it looks like be a surprise to you ;)

So what are you waiting for? Get charming ;D (Wow that didn't sound as cool as I thought it would)