Monday, June 22, 2015

Sweet Sweet Summer | Summer Fashion With TJ

OMG heyyy! So I just got on Summer Break and I'm GLAD TO BE BACK TO BLOGGING! In order to catch up on the several posts I've missed, I have some extra fabulous outfit ideas for you guys! So Lets get starteddddddd!
The Jellies
Cleverly named for the fabulous Jelly shoes, which I ADORE, this cute dress is paired with an adorable half-bun and beach waves. Total Summer Score!

 Mystery In Black
 A quite formal outfit that I don't think would be worn out on casual occasions, however the skirt and Tropicadorable top look perfect together and I just love the overall look!

Boardwalk Casual
 This is literally my life! I love the top being free and comfy and cute but also the high-waisted shorts are a total must! Once again my favorite Jelly heels appear and a cute braid to top it all off :)

Sum(mer) Nights
 This is probably something I'd wear to a bonfire or a party and it literally is so cute! It's girly but not too girly and literally works for everything!

Don't Leaf Me Hanging
 Okay I love the fishtail braid in here, like the entire outfit is great for bonfires (except maybe not the heels)! The leaf necklace actually is my favorite part because it's similar to my favorite necklace in real life-- Which I wear on every occasion and inspired this cute ensemble!

Formal Flames
Alas my most beloved outfit! I seriously love it because it's something I would wear anytime I could and frankly it's adorable! I love how it's fancy  but also like not overly fancy and how it's like exactly my style ugh I cant rn! 

Anyway I'll be back next week and watch the Summer Styles tab for a full 8-part Collection for this season ;)