Saturday, June 13, 2015

Swimming with Style | Jenny's Woozlympic Swimming Challenge! (With Interview of Participator)

Good Morning Warriorz! Ressy here with another post, this time about Jenny's Woozlympic Swimming Challenge that happened Saturday June 13th at 11 am! I'm not exactly a morning person if you guys haven't notice, so I didn't have the luxury to attend the event, but one of my friends, loveya---, will help me fill you guys in! But first... let's talk about some history ;)

History of Woozlympic Swimming Challenge

If you guys haven't been on Woozworld for the longest time, you probably haven't heard much about Woozlympics. Maybe you've seen units and clothing items that mentioned the word here and there, but you might not fully know what exactly was Woozlympics and let me just tell you this: I was so glad that I participated in it. You would separate into four teams- Dragons, Trolls, Phoenix, and Pegasus; each had its own Woozband Representative! Then, every day there would be special events in which you could earn points for your team Mountain Climbing, Kayaking, and off course- Swimming! After Woozlympics ended, many of these events continued since they were such a big hit, swimming is one of them.

This Week's Woozlympic Swimming

Now that you've all found out about its origins- how about we start discussing the actual game that happened on this beautiful, sunny day in Woozworld. Since I wasn't able to attend the event, I decided to interview someone who participated, loveya---, otherwise known as Jason.
So did u find anything special about the event today?

Nothing really, but the questions were kinda hard. I thought they r gonnabe easy tho.
Ooo ya they're usually easier, I guess Jenny wanted us to use our minds o3o did Jenny mention anything about the new different2gether movement

there was one question about ti actually

it was the last one

the question was : what is the new woozworlds movement

That was pretty easy, but i forgot the full name, so I had to search for itt
Ah I see, I probably would spell it wrong and have to look it up too XD finally, is there anyone who stood out during the event and was on top of things that you feel needs any special recognition for being awesome?

actually, I dont know ;D

Maybe sheeda

as usual
Yaas shee is bae, you know an event is gonna be good when she's there XD

yess ;D
Thanks for answering le questions colonthree emoticon our readers will be much happy c:

You'ŗe welcome grin emoticon
Chat Conversation End
Winners of these event were posted by JennyWooz, but in case you're too lazy to check her wall, let's congratulate our six winners, Sierra, David, Dive, East, Maddy, and Monster! You guys are the real mvp, especially with these hard questions. 

  I'm so glad to see Sierra again, maybe next time she'll bring Arthur along! David, judging at yesterday's pet show and winning in the Map Game, will definitely stay in the spot light for a while!
Our Bootiful Woozguide East and the nicest woozen there ever existed, Dive, continue to be super fabulous! They sure know a lot about Woozworld :3

Maddy, our first Winner, impressed Jenny with her fab speed c; Prom Queen never stops winning ;)

Finally, Monster, the second winner, captivated the audience not only with his extraordinary question-answering speed, but also with his adorable monkey omg and it has a little had isn't it the cutest thing ever c':

Well, that's all for today guys! I'll be back tomorrow telling you all about Mya's Fashion Show! Get ready for a loooong post ;)